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Student Vision and Values: Hope in Our Future Leaders

By Dr. Anne S. Davis—I teach a Principles of Management to undergraduates in Business at the University of St. Thomas.  In the course of my class, I focus on developing in my students the desire to be successful in whatever they choose.  I prepare assignments to have them look inward and recognize their own personalities, gifts and talents.  I frequently turn management discussions into “what would you do in this situation.”


When I reach the discussion about corporate vision and values, I assign a simple, yet provocative homework assignment.  The student is to write their own personal vision statement and 3 to 5 values that guide them.  After the assignment is turned in, I discuss the “why” of the vision and values.


Students find them useful to motivate themselves and keep themselves within the guard rails when they are tempted to follow the wrong path.  As one student noted: “it was such a simple task yet it has taken me so long to come up with something that I was happy with.  It was a wonderful exercise that I will review whenever I feel stuck.”


Here is a composite of some of the students’ output.  It is a great comfort to know that these are our next generation of citizens and leaders!



I will connect, serve, learn and be a positive force for others.

I will live each day as though it was my last day on earth.  I will fill my life with happiness and bring happiness into other people’s lives.

I will be the person my children look up to with pride and be the one for love, comfort and understanding.   I will be the friend known as caring and always be willing to listen with patience and empathy.

I will earn respect for myself based upon recognition of my accomplishments and abilities.

I will strive to make a difference in the world.

I will embark on new adventures, take risks, explore the world, learn new ideas, and gain different perspectives.

I will be the person that grabs opportunities.

I will be a strong woman that can take care of myself.




Balance – Have a balance between work and personal life to enjoy life to the fullest.

Curiosity – to always be hungry to learn more

Nurture – help nurture those that want to grow, so that I can grow, too.

Steadfast – stand firmly for my beliefs and my values that make me ME.

Fairness – with everyone, no exceptions

Selflessness – Always think about how others feel and think of others more than myself.

Humility – realize that it’s not all about me and I am not successful without others.

Relationships – Recognize the value and grow in every relationship

Honesty – speak with an open heart, for you can never get it wrong if it’s the truth.

Commitment – always fulfill a promise once made

Perseverance – never give up even in the face of failure.


Anne S. Davis, Ph.D.

Director, Human Services Management

Cameron School of Business

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