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The True Meaning of Marketing

By: Dr. John Story The Christmas Season is a great time for retailers, but I often think it is the worst time of the year for marketers. Let’s face it, marketers don’t have the best reputations any time of the year. From stereotypes of used-car salespeople, to annoyingly repetitive commercials, to subliminal messages creating cravings…


We All Need A Lucky Break This Thanksgiving

By: Lynn R. Godwin If there’s a single lesson that life teaches us, it’s that wishing doesn’t make it so. –Lev Grossman Say it ain’t so Lev.  Say it ain’t so.  Folks need to wish for things.  Without wishes, what would marketers do?  We need wishes (along with needs and wants) to fulfil.  Wishes keep…


A Primer on Futures Contracts

Dr. Hassan Shirvani Futures contracts, together with options and swaps, are examples of the derivative securities which are so-called because they derive their values from the performances of other financial assets or commodities.  As such, they are essentially side bets, not unlike placing bets in a horse race.  Given their wide popularity on Wall Street as highly effective investment and hedging instruments, this post briefly…

Pope John Paul II

Former Swiss Guard: My Most Powerful Weapon

On the liturgical calendar October 7th is the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. This feast celebrates the naval victory of the Holy League fleet at Lepanto which in 1571 saved Christian Civilization from defeat at the hands of the Ottoman Empire.  Pope Pius V knew well the tremendous importance of resisting the aggressive expansion of…

Business: A participation in God’s creative power!

It seems to me that we Christians have a natural suspicion of profit – maybe it’s because of its association with self-interest.  Disciples are called to follow the Master on the path of self-gift and sacrifice for others. We cannot serve both God and mammon.  Christ tells us that there are things “in the beginning”…

US and EU flags

Restarting the transatlantic relationship in the global economy

By Dr. Beverly Barrett Beverly Barrett, Ph.D. The transatlantic relationship is being renewed, as the world emerges from the pandemic. U.S. President Joe Biden’s discourse on his recent travels to Europe indicate a unique commitment to the relationship with partners Europe. Grounded in in decades of cooperation grown out of the partnership of post-World War…





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