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Words of Wisdom for CSB 2017 Graduates From Denise Castillo-Rhodes

By Nelson Carvajal —-I had the privilege of attending and being part of the spring 2017 Cameron School of Business Honors Convocation and Graduation Celebration. After working for about five years in the Oil Refining Business as a Process Engineer,

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Making Management Research More Relevant

By Dr. Hassan Shirvani—Much of the recent management research deals with the presumed growing business competition, the increasing roles of entrepreneurship and technological progress in economic growth, the deepening appreciation of corporate social responsibility, and the rising importance of globalization.  As a matter of fact, however, there is considerable evidence that (1) businesses are becoming more concentrated and

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Billion Dollar Buyer Open Casting Call: An Adventure for Entrepreneurship Students

By Mary Morley—Last Thursday, March 9th, 2017, was surreal and a totally a new experience for me. For the past 18 years, I have been in the shadows of the executives I supported in the Investor Relations and Marketing functions.

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Spiritual Intelligence and Coaching

By Georgina Bastidas—During the CSB Annual Business Symposium, four remarkable professionals gathered in a breakout session to discuss Spiritual Intelligence and Coaching. Panel of Speakers Cindy Wigglesworth, President and Founder of Deep Change Inc., began the session talking about Spiritual

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Should Millennials Influence Corporate Practices?

By Seth Romo—When an HR Director of Odessa, a fictional oil and gas company, decides to hire employees after a layoff, she brings in new millennial talent and faces unexpected challenges. Simply: The new millennial employees find the on-call work

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CSB Business Symposium: Family Businesses

By Erin Vallagomesa–I had the privilege of attending the annual Cameron School of Business Symposium on November 18, 2016, at the University of St. Thomas.  The keynote speaker and the speakers in the Family Business Breakout Session both shared excellent

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Advertising and Economics

By Dr. Hassan Shirvani–Advertising is an important feature of our daily economic life.  As we watch TV, listen to radio, read newspapers and magazines, and use social media, we are constantly bombarded with advertisements.  For this “privilege,” we are asked to pay some $325 billion per year, roughly

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Insight from Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence H. Summers: Global Perspectives Speaker

By Jeffrey Coburn—On September 27, 2016, the Federal Reserve of Dallas, Texas, held its Global Perspectives Speaker Series, featuring Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence H. Summers. I was interested in going to the event because I want to learn more about

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How to Succeed in the Cameron School of Business: An Insider’s Scoop

Whether a student is a first generation college student or comes from a long line of college graduates, college can be a new world of experiences and challenges for students.  Many times students aren’t aware of the skills, behaviors, and

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The Three Cannibals: The Solution

  Patricio Torres-Palacio, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Operations Management, Cameron School of Business