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Dear Students: When It’s Okay to be “All About Me”

By Dr. Michele Simms—-In Daniel Pink’s book DRIVE: The Surprising Truth of What Motivates Us (2009), he includes Peter Drucker as one of seven business thinkers who get it.  Drucker, the most influential management thinker of the 20th century, is cited for creating a revolution in human affairs: managing oneself. Best known for his ideas on…

The Knowledge Economy and the Globalization of Higher Education

By Dr. Beverly Barrett—  Nearly two decades into the new millennium, the pace of technological change behind globalization continues to advance exponentially.  This rapid technological progress has, in turn, necessitated the internationalization of higher education with emphasis on the development of high quality skills needed in the global knowledge economy.  In my recent book Globalization…

Celts Exploring Businesses Tours HMRI Facilities

By Kimberly Dinh—In September 2018, I had the opportunity to tour Houston Texas Methodist Institute through CSB’s Celts Exploring Businesses program. Along with a group of CSB students, I got to meet individuals from highly respected positions in the medical field and have a sneak peak of HMRI’s operations that aim at improving patient care…

Liberal Arts in a Business Curriculum: “Humbug!” or “Hmmm . . .”?

By Dr. Samuel B. Condic—While there is a general acknowledgment that the liberal arts can contribute to the practice of business, the contribution is typically seen exclusively in terms of utility.  For example, my business school colleagues observe that undergraduates from our own institution perform well in the MBA program in large part because they…

Are Student Teaching Evaluations Reliable?

By Dr. Hassan Shirvani–Opinions vary widely on the worth of student evaluations of their teachers.  To some, they are useful tools for providing faculties with timely student feedbacks, for assisting students with their course selections, and for helping administrators with their personnel decisions.  To others, they are unreliable and biased instruments for eliciting teaching evaluations from the students that are too immature, inexperienced,…

Ethical Character: Is a Standardized Assessment Possible?

“In order to good deeds, it matters not only what a man does, but also how he does it; to wit, that he do it from right choice and not merely from impulse or passion.” —St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae, I-II.q57.a5   By Dr. Samuel B. Condic —In the Cameron School of Business at the…





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