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Max Studios Presents Agape & Eros


UST MAX Studios explores romance in the age of tech with its new Agape and Eros podcast. Learn how love, relationships and digital courtship in the 21st century can be complicated. The show explores how Catholic Christians live out relational love in our culture.

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MAX Digitizing the Dream


Inspired by Saint Maximilian Kolbe’s deeds and dreams, UST recently launched multiple digital ventures in the spirit of Kolbe’s ministry. It began in 2018 with the Maximilian Kolbe Innovation Network and now includes the University of St. Thomas MAX Studios and the USTMAX Center in Montgomery County.

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UST MAX Studios


Introducing MAX Studios at the UST. Our goal is to bring you fresh monthly content and conversations, all through a Catholic lens. We approach our content with the perspective of a missionary encountering the culture. We aim to highlight the diversity of the Catholic Faith Tradition and introduce others to the person of Jesus Christ through truth, goodness and beauty.

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