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Welcome to MAX Studios at the University of St. Thomas. Our goal is to bring you fresh monthly content and conversations, all through a Catholic lens. We approach our content with the perspective of a missionary encountering the culture. We aim to highlight the diversity of the Catholic Faith Tradition and introduce others to the person of Jesus Christ through truth, goodness and beauty.

BOLD – A University of St. Thomas Podcast

“BOLD” is a series that creates a dialogue and aims to inspire, encourage and aid students to “Be Your Bold Self” by gaining insights from those excelling at UST and beyond.

BOLD – A University of St. Thomas Podcast

“BOLD” is a series that creates a dialogue and aims to inspire, encourage and aid students to “Be Your Bold Self” by gaining insights from those excelling at UST and beyond.

For Such a Time as This

Through conversations with thought leaders from across the community, “For Such a Time as This,” a MAX Studios production, asks and seeks answers to the big questions in life and the current issues of today through the lens of Catholic social teaching and social justice.

Feature Episode:

Houston as a Model for Our Nation

Houston is a microcosm of the demographic shifts that are occurring across America. Larry Payne ’72 talks with sociologist Dr. Stephen Klineberg on what steps we must take as a community and as a society to successfully navigate Houston and America into the future.

The Archives

The Role of a University

In the inaugural episode, Larry Payne converses with Dr. Richard Ludwick about the role a university plays in building a just society and how UST is working to meet the needs of the community while addressing the inequities that exist in society.

The Rundown

Reflective conversations with experts on current events, “The Rundown,” a MAX Studios production, seeks to dialogue about the common good while combining faith, culture and the latest news.

Feature Episode:

The Coin Shortage: Connecting Finance, Religion and Ethics

Bridget Richardson, MAFC ’17, speaks with Dr. Daniel Perez-Liston about the economic impact of the nationwide coin shortage and how finance, religion and ethics are connected.

The Archives

Understanding United States/Chinese Relations

Bridget Richardson and Dr. Hans Stockton discuss the closing of the Chinese Consulate in Houston, how to understand the situation and what it means for citizens.

Protagonists of Change 

How do we imitate Jesus and immerse ourselves in the reality of life? We discuss seeking a more just and fraternal society as “Protagonists of Change” to fight apathy and to offer a Christian response to the social and political trouble emerging in our world. This is a MAX Studios production.

Feature Episode:

Living Out Catholic Social Teaching

Understanding how we are called to live out our faith as individuals can be challenging. Luckily the USCCB has given us Catholic social teachings as a model for us to serve the Church and the community around us. Today, we talk to Doris Barrow III, Campus Minister at Texas Southern University, about the impact CST has had on his ministry and life.

The Archives

A Hunger for More

Today we explore the theme of hunger in its various forms. From those who are literally hungry to those who hunger for love, justice and truth, and finally to those who hunger for Christ.

Discernment in all Stations of Life

Discernment is not just trying to figure out if you should be a priest or a nun, it is about identifying how God is calling you to be a saint.

How to Celebrate Easter When It Still Feels Like Lent

It is Holy Week, which is exciting, but this year it feels different. For most of us, attending Mass to celebrate the Resurrection with our friends and family is not a possibility. So how do we cultivate the joy that Easter promises?

Building Healthy Habits and Spiritual Practices in Quarantine

#SocialDistancing is going to be a time of habit building, but what habits will you build? Will they be positive habits, like establishing a regular prayer life and exercise regimen or will they be negative habits like stress eating and mindless internet surfing?

As It Was

The news is not always hopeful. “As It Was,” a MAX Studios production, recontextualizes those current events through the lens of Catholic social teaching to help us find hope and charity in living out the Gospel daily.

Feature Episode:

Art and Transformation w/GONZO247

Art is powerful. It challenges us to see things from new perspectives and can transform our hearts and minds. We talk to a Houston native GONZO247, a graffiti artist and muralist whose own life was transformed by art, about the importance of art, community and the intersection of the two. He talks about start, influences and the breadth of his impressive career.

The Archives

Finding Your Posse of Saints

What originally started as a project to look at saints whose lives we could use as examples of how to seek God through this COVID-19 pandemic, quickly turned into an exercise to identify saints who could become part of your posse — that is Saints you can grow with.

Seeing the Silver Lining

The past month has been strange, but in the midst of all the stress and anxiety brought about by coronavirus, there has been a silver lining — the turn to social media to support and continue building community.

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About the Author — Darnell Miller ’10, MLA ‘15

AvatarDarnell Miller is a writer, photographer and videographer who loves storytelling in all forms. He is a UST alumnus who is passionate about education and study abroad.

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