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Encounter Summer 2020

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A Bold Vision: Catholic Higher Education – Truth, Innovation and Evangelization

It is often said that you can gauge the strength of a community by how it comes together in a crisis. UST faculty, staff, students and alumni have stood tall in the face of this pandemic and demonstrated the character and resolve that are hallmarks of a great Catholic university. Read more about the Spirit of St. Thomas.

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Students Rise: Education at Work

UST launches Rising Stars work-study program to help first-generation and low-income students attend college with little to no out-of-pocket tuition costs.

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A Different Take on Doing Good

At its core, impact investing is faith in action — the faith that requires us to drive change through bold moves. Learn how impact investing focuses on healing our planet and easing human suffering, and how it differs from pure philanthropy in that investors also achieve a desirable financial return.

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The Basics of Impact Investing: Mike Menendez ‘03

Pope Francis has said that impact investing is his favorite form of investing. Here are 5 things to consider to make your investments go further.

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Frontline Heroes

From the frontlines of Covid-19, some of UST’s MBA and nursing program alumni are leading highly infectious disease units and filling crucial, high-risk roles at the bedside. Read about their expertise and bold commitment to caring for the sick. Also, learn how a frontline nurse jumped at UST’s offer to stay in campus housing to keep her immune-suppressed mother and friends safe.

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A New Basilian: Rivera Answers God’s Call

The Rev. Eduardo Rivera ’14, CSB, discovered his vocation to the priesthood “a little bit at a time.” His May 23rd ordination served as a beacon of hope and joy for the Basilian and UST communities against the background of coronavirus.

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Smaller is Smarter

When you ask students and faculty what is special about UST, they often mention the ‘spark’. They’re talking about that special something that exists between professor and class that you don’t find at other universities. As college classes across the nation were forced to go online because of the pandemic, UST was able to answer a vital question: Will the spark remain?’

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A Basilian Under Every Tree

The affable and wise Very Rev. Kevin Storey, CSB, stopped by campus to talk to the community about “What it Means to Be Catholic: Our Basilian Heritage & Catholic Identity.” He ended his conversation by answering audience questions. From the back of the room, a question was posed that is at the heart of this article.

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Catholic to the Core

Dr. Richard Ludwick contributed a June article to Inside the Vatican Magazine that reflects on the pandemic and its human response, which provides both context and metaphor to grasp the challenges ahead for Catholic higher education. He writes, “Throughout each Christian millennium, the Church has innovated and prevailed over much worse. We will answer the call this time too and here’s how Catholic higher education will help lead the way.”

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LAW & LOVE: Attorney Lives Out Faith Helping Patients

At Texas Children’s Hospital, just down the street from UST, alumnus Thomas Mendez ’09 uses his skills as an attorney to help care for patients. In his work, Mendez solves legal issues for patients as part of providing holistic healthcare. Learn how UST helped shape him and strengthen his faith.

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How to Vote as a Catholic

How should Catholics vote? The answer to this question is more complex than just choosing one political party or one political issue. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops provides guidelines for us in the document “Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship.”

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Celts Show Up for Students in Time of Need

On April 28, more than 350 donors rallied raising more than $205,000 for University of St. Thomas students on Giving Day. This Giving Day surpassed last year’s Giving Day total by more than $100,000. Giving Day is an annual initiative that unites students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and friends in supporting areas throughout the university…

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UST Artist Paints as Prayer

Since the third century, artists have been expressing the greatest mystery by creating icons, which means “image” or “likeness.” Visit with Al Sauls, B.A. in Studio Arts ’20, who touches people with his arresting religious icons and invites observers to feel their intimate connection to the world beyond this one.

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Business Alumnus Constructs Support for UST Scholarships

Hosting the Performing and Fine Arts Society Membership Tea at his home along with his wife, Kaitlyn, is just one of the many ways Michael G. Scheurich, MBA ’99, supports the University of St. Thomas. The Scheurich’s generosity helped raise scholarship money. Learn more about this wonderful event and the UST friends who were honored.

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Michele Malloy & Priscilla Plumb honored at UST Performing and Fine Arts Membership Tea

The Tea, chaired by Gayla Gardner and Sherry Wetsch, welcomed many new members. The Society honored Michele Malloy for her steadfast support of the University, and also honored Priscilla Plumb with the Arts Volunteer Award.

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