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International Student Admission Application Tips

The University of St. Thomas is proud to offer a welcoming, community-oriented campus to students from all around the world. Houston is an international city with a diversified economy, so it’s not surprising that UST has students representing over 50

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Common Myths About College Life – And a Few Truths | University of St. Thomas

By Ruth Rea, senior Editor’s Note. Myths about college have a funny way of getting bigger and more outlandish every year. University of St. Thomas student Ruth Rea (MAJOR, YEAR) debunks common misconceptions about college and splashes a little reality

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Celts Exploring Business students visit Amegy

Networking Opportunities at UST | Celt Admissions Blog

By Harrison Broker, senior finance major It’s not every day that a University of St. Thomas student has the chance to utilize the influence and reputation of the UST name. UST creates many opportunities for its students to expand their

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Briseida Esparza

Life Management Tips from a First Generation College Student

Being a first-generation student, or FirstGen student, brings a lot of added on pressure on all aspects of your life. You have your parents reminding you of the responsibilities at home, your siblings nagging at you to spend time with

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Eating Well and Staying Active in College

For most students, college is a time of change, exploration and growth.  Being on your own for the first time away from home can be a challenge, but it can also be the best time of your life and an

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