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Big Data

How Much Data is BIG Data?

A Fair Question.  Everyone in business is talking about Big Data, but the term is impenetrably, wonderfully vague in common use.  Certainly, it means dealing with large amounts of data, but businesses have been struggling with processing large amounts of data for eons.  The current emphasis on ‘Big data’ has to be more than just…

Jose Bolivar

CSB Meets Shark Tank

You only have 15 minutes for this presentation. The last 12 weeks have been enduring. They have consisted of team meetings, research, interviews and game plans. What’s at stake? If your business plan wins, angel Investors will invest $100,000 in your company. Your palms are sweaty, you review your flashcards for one last time, answer…

Cameron School of Business Students

The Millennials are Coming!

Actually, the Millennials are here, but many businesses are just now recognizing the challenges of managing the latest generation to enter the workforce. Generational cohorts are groups of people who are similar in age and exhibit similar behaviors. Different authors use slightly different classifications, but in general, the Silent Generation was born between 1925 and…

Forensic Accountant

Adventures of a Forensic Accountant

The forensic accountant, a relatively new breed in the profession, seems to lead a varied and interesting life.  Some of them like to call themselves “accountants with guns.”  These are the intrepid accountants who work for a government agency and actually train at Quantico.  They may work for the DEA where during the day, they…


Bitcoin as Electronic Currency

Exit the dollar, the euro, etc.  Not so fast!  Non-governmental currencies have existed before; however, an unregulated virtual currency is something new and different.  Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that was created in 2009 by a computer scientist known only under the pseudonym Sutoshi Nakamoto.  Bitcoins are not held in bank accounts but in digital wallets…

Financial Crisis

Dealing with the Economic Crisis

The ongoing global economic crisis, if not addressed promptly, has the potential to further destabilize the existing world political and social order.  As History shows, continued public discontent during economic and financial crises often provides a fertile ground for both revolutions and extremist movements. The recent Arab revolts owe as much to the current economic…





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