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My Educational Pursuits in the CSB


By Jorge Luis Gonzalez-Romo—

I’m a University of St. Thomas graduate. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Marketing from the Cameron School of Business. I would like to share my experiences as a student, and primarily how the CSB shaped me as a person, helped me develop my character, and helped me discover a profound self-awareness that with the grace of God, will guide me and stay with me, for many years to come.


I first entered UST on 2012, in the Spring term, and it was all that I hoped the University would be. I started as a General Business Major but I was not oriented and did not know what the future would hold, I even doubted my own skills. The following year my GPA dropped and my scholarship got removed. In order to motivate myself, I looked inward to find an epic vision for my life. It was thanks to this inner motivation that I began to write the book that was recently published on April 20, 2015.



This began as a personal project. I would attend my classes, pay attention, take my notes diligently because after all I had goal, which was graduating with a business degree. A semester prior to graduation, my publisher had confirmed that the book was getting ready to be printed, and I had recently changed my major to marketing. It was this moment that shined light and made my struggles worthwhile. And it is this realization that contributes to the work ethic that I have today. It is managing oneself, so that any type of activity whether it is a job, a class, a sport or working with a team, everything comes from within and the result is in alignment with oneself. Next, I would like to share how once that inner motivation is found, how it can apply to those who surround you and influence you. In my case, once I found my motivation, it was the CSB that gave me the proper orientation, so I could work better with a team and complete my assignments in the manner that my professors asked of me. My definition of contribution developed into a definition that not only included the integrity of the person, but the positive influence he had on those around him, and his ability to collaborate with other in order to accomplish a common goal.



Not only did I refine my vision of what I aspired to be once I graduated with my management classes but I also refined my views of theology and philosophy. At first glance, studying morality and trying to answer the ambiguous questions of philosophy seemed to deviate from the clear and precise study of business. But like every business, one has to give their unique skills to the organization so the vision of the business can become a reality.

As a marketing major, I believe the essence of a business is marketing because it is marketing that enables a business to grow by insuring that customers will enjoy the product that is offered. Furthermore, I want my motivation and my personal input to create a particular product that will, hopefully, become the new sensation. Philosophy and theology also play a large role in work ethics and human relations. It is impossible for a work place to be free of stress and one can never avoid being told by the superiors how to improve and work in the standards that they require. Through the internships I took every summer prior to graduation, I learned that being humble and admitting when I had made a mistake, in fact, helped me. I would listen and perform even if I made mistakes, but my goal was always to better myself, so the next time I would avoid making the same mistakes. My last comparison is synergy and working in a team. The CSB, through the various  group presentations I gave in my many classes, that not only prepare the students for Senior Seminar, but also provide students with the communication and coordination that every business is looking for when they are looking to hire the right people.


In order to show how every day can be a lesson, and an opportunity to be the best that one can be, I will use my Corporate Finance class with Dr. Bayram as an example. At the start of the semester, the very first day was a full house, roughly thirty students. By the second week, the class began to diminish in numbers and by the end of the month, the class had fifteen members who were constantly there. Because Corporate Finance requires a critical analysis that incorporates math, this was not my cup of tea. I only had to pass the class, but I was going to do my best no matter what.


The first time I employed my work ethic is when I noticed that I had turned in the wrong assignment on Black Board. I emailed Dr. Bayram and told her that I did not do the right assignment and it was ok if she gave me a 0. My defining moment was the day I had to turn in my second essay where I had to use, define and use finance terms. One week before submission it was ready. However, my other classes distracted me and by the time I remembered, it was a week late. I knew Black Board would not accept my submission, plus Dr. Bayram had already given me a 0. I did not hesitate, however, and I wrote her an email. I told my professor that as my boss, it was my duty as a student just like a job, to turn in my assignment no matter what, even if it was late. Dr. Bayram did not reply, but I had a sensation that I knew I had done the right thing. It was probably not the best essay nor an A quality one, but none will argue that when the boss asks for something, they expect it to be finished and when they ask for it. That one day I learned more than the whole semester and all my classes combined. It is a wonderful sensation of accomplishment that will stay with me forever.


Moments like this are what await any student who comes to UST. I hope that any student that aspires to pursue their studies in the CSB, enters with an open mind and a disposition to learn, so they will gain the work ethics and consistency that will make them the right person for any job.

Jorge Luis Gonzalez-Romo

UST – BBA, Marketing


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