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Alexander the Great’s most difficult Challenge from the PAST is a Great Phoenician Legacy TODAY!

My Negotiation Experience in Macedonia” by Dr. Habib Chamoun-Nicolas Alexander the Great: Macedonia and the Phoenicians It is known that Alexander the Great of Macedonia experienced great challenges when attempting to conquer Tyre, the great trade city of Phoenicia. The Phoenicians were known to be a pacifist culture and people, however, if they were attacked,…

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Win-win scenarios are generally not the ideal for either party in war or sports.

Sporting events, such as the Olympics, have often superseded the political landscape, offering national pride to the winner, along with boasting rights that may not be possible on the battlefield. With much literature aimed at integrative negotiations, we step back to examine negotiations in sports. In particular, we evaluate negotiations and conflict management styles in…

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To Transcend or not to Transcend?

That is the question… when negotiating. Why? Negotiation is not only an instrument of purpose. It is a purposeful outcome. You will be able to feel that you are doing the right thing; a growing warmth within, putting your whole being at stake. What does it mean to choose not to Transcend in Negotiation? What…

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