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Addressing Racism and Injustice

Dr. Richard Ludwick, President of the University of St. Thomas, Houston

Dear Celts, It is undeniable that racism, injustice, and violence have plagued our nation for far too long. The killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police while in custody screams at us for action, for justice, and for lasting change. Although an officer was arrested for his murder, lasting change is not born of reactive…

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Upcoming Conversation with the Community

Image of the Chapel of St. Basil

This upcoming Tuesday, September 25th, will be UST’s next “Conversation with the Community” in Jones Hall. My hope is that, as always, the forum will offer us a chance to have a vibrant dialogue around the topics that impact us all. To engage us as one community of Celts, working toward a common purpose.

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Introducing Faith Delehanty

Link-Lee Mansion on the University of St. Thomas campus

The Call Toward Tomorrow goals were recently announced at UST’s inaugural Opening Day celebration. Those goals represent the hard work and collaboration of many Celts from across our campus and extended community.

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April 6 – Call Toward Tomorrow – Our New Goal

As the UST community comes together and focuses on our shared future, it is important that we maintain transparency in our projects and processes. Because of that, and because I am just generally excited about it, I would like to take a moment to share an update with you. The Call Toward Tomorrow planning process is in full swing, and significant progress has been made as we look to the future of this great Catholic university.

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