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Greater Things

Strategic Vision 2030

Get Ready For Greater Things

What do you see when you think about the University of St. Thomas in 2030? We recently asked every member of our extended community to think about their answer to that question. Our community and university leadership answered with great enthusiasm and great consensus!

Together, we envisioned the University of St. Thomas in 2030 as an even more exceptional place. A well-known, vibrant and exciting university committed to the values of our Basilian fathers, our Catholic faith, and to the love of Christ as reflected in the UST motto Crescamus in Christo, may we grow in Christ. A university that is bold, innovative and delivering on its mission of educating students in the Catholic intellectual tradition to be the best they can be and the future leaders in our community. A university that, having reached the 75th anniversary of its founding, is financially strong and sustainable.

Our Celt Community sees the University of St. Thomas in 2030 as a university that plays an integral role in the Houston Metropolitan Area and our diverse community, serving the needs of more than 10,000 student learners! It will be a place with better than 1,100 students living on campus, contributing to a vibrant culture.

Our community imagines a university that has embraced technology and is meeting our students with the educational options they will demand and need. It’s a future that puts the University of St. Thomas at the center of a growing technology hub in the Montrose area. A university as an active partner in the Texas Medical Center. A university further strengthened by established and enduring partnerships with companies and organizations in the Houston community, Texas and around the world. A university which leverages that technology infrastructure and those global partnerships to create worldwide awareness that empowers and advances our mission to new heights. A university in the modern world, providing its students with multiple clear pathways for success in the jobs and careers of the future through strong academic programs, mentors and widely available internships.

Greater Things, our 2030 Strategic Plan, provides the foundation and roadmap to accomplish this shared vision. The plan has four priorities that will be introduced in greater detail throughout the fall semester. These priorities are:

  • UST will be the model for Catholic higher education and known as a top Catholic university in the country.
  • The UST campus and community will be a premier place and an integral part of our greater Houston community.
  • UST will leverage international partnerships and be known locally and globally for innovation in Catholic education.
  • UST will be financially sustainable.

How will we implement this plan? Over the summer, we have been busy laying the foundation for the vision to be successful. New alignments have been made between Student Affairs and Academics, Marketing and Admissions, and Advancement and University Relations, as well as the creation of new strategic partnership and international partnership efforts. A new project management tool, Goalscape, will help us set time horizons and measure our collective success. Leadership from across the University will be involved in setting goals in support of the vision which are both measurable and achievable.

Thank you for all of your hard work over the past year in helping to shape this remarkable shared vision. Together, we can carry our great mission into the future, stronger than ever.

Dr. Richard Ludwick
President, University of St. Thomas

Greater Things

Learn more about the four priorities of UST's strategic vision.


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