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Finishing My Degree: Returning to College as a Mom of Three

Dayna Furnish and kids

Editor’s Note: Dayna Furnish, a mother of three, loves being a mom but had regrets about not finishing her college degree. Just 13 credits shy of a college degree, Dayna knew that after eight years it was time to return to the University of St. Thomas. She made the decision to work towards a liberal…

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Is Google Making Us Stupid? A Decade Later, the Question Still Matters

Google Search: Is Google Making Us Stupid?

Editor’s Note: In 2008, Nichollas Carr published an article in The Atlantic posing the question “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Today, Google is even more intimately woven into countless facets of society, from how we shop and search for information to how we connect with others – Google is even said to be developing driverless…

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Homeschool to College Transition: How Being Homeschooled Prepared Me for College

Editor’s Note: Students who attended in-home schools typically have lots of questions about the differences between homeschooling and college. UST alumna Elaine Rivera talks about her transition from home school to college and why she felt UST was one of the best colleges for homeschoolers. Reflecting back on my homeschooling experience as a child, I’ve…

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