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Hermann Park Gardens - Fun Things to Do in Houston - University of St. Thomas

Fun Things To Do in Houston, Texas in Summer

School’s out and it’s summertime! Looking for fun things to do in Houston? Check out this action-packed lineup of cool things to do in the sizzling Space City heat. Then share this post and tag the person you’d most like

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7 Things To Do In Houston For Free | Houston for the Budget-Conscious

College students’ finances are geared toward paying for textbooks and tuition and rent, first and foremost. Whatever is left is the let’s-have-fun fund, and it might not be a lot. So what’s better than finding things that you can do

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Things to Do in Houston for Spring Break

Spring break is (finally) right around the corner. Though many of us look forward to destroying our sleep patterns and binge-watching whatever TV series is next on our Netflix queue, there are a few slightly more appealing activities to do

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Aaron Ruff

Get Your Caffeine Fix: Best Coffee Shops Within a Mile of UST

In the heart of Houston, Texas, you will find a University that nourishes both the spirit and the mind. But sometimes the mind grows foggy and the only thing that will help is a caffeine pick-me-up. Luckily, there are some

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