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Reasons to Live On Campus in College | Celt Admissions Blog

Campus life at University of St. Thomas in Houston

If you plan on attending college far away from home as an incoming freshman, your decision is already made. But what if you plan to attend a university within driving distance of your home? You would have the option to live at home or choose to live on campus in a residence hall. Is living on campus really worth the additional cost? The answer is yes! If you already live in the Houston area, here are 3 reasons why you should live on campus:

Living on Campus is Convenient

College life is hectic. Many days, you hardly have time to eat much less sit in Houston traffic for an hour, find parking, and finally get to campus to get your day started. When you live on campus, all you have to do is get ready, take a short walk and take on your day!

Living on Campus Comes Creates a Sense of Community

The social network you establish defines your college experience. Living on campus means that you will be part of the campus community and make connections with people you would have never met before. These are the friends you will have for life. Sharing your living experience with fellow students and residence life staff members forms a powerful bond. At the University of St. Thomas, professional staffers, resident assistants, community assistants and others are available to support you throughout your college journey.

As you develop new friendships, you will feel a need for proximity to those people and other resources that are only available on campus. There will be nights when you really want to hang out with your friends. There may even be nights when you want to go to a campus event or extend your tutoring. One of the perks of living on campus is that everything is minutes from your dorm room, so becoming a part of the campus community comes naturally.

Living on Campus Provides Academic Opportunities

Living on campus means there is no excuse to miss class, regardless of weather or traffic conditions. You also have quick access to your professors. If you want to be a part of that amazing research project your favorite professor is working on, living on campus means there’s no reason for you to say no.
As someone who spent four years living on campus at UST and remains best friends with my freshman roommate, I can vouch for all of this. My university experience was truly fulfilling and I attribute that to living on campus. It changed my life in ways I could have never imagined, allowing me to become part of something larger than myself. I encourage you to consider the same.

About the Author — Juliana Parra

AvatarJulie Parra is from Bogota, Colombia, and moved to Houston, Texas when she was eight. Julie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Houston (Main Campus). Parra leads both the First Generations Student Group and ResCouncil, as their staff advisor. As the Coordinator of Residence Life, Parra supervises the Residents Assistants, manages the daily operations of the office, and oversees Young Hall.

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