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College Visit Checklist: 5 Steps to a Helpful Campus Tour

Shelby Stinner-Trimble gives a tour of UST campusHow to Choose the Right College

Choosing the right college is an exciting process, and at times it can seem overwhelming, but by starting early you can make the process enjoyable.  One of the important reasons to start early is to be able to visit all of the campuses on your list. By visiting a college’s campus you can start to picture yourself as part of its college program and community and you can learn about the city around the campus. While you may not be able to visit all of the colleges you are interested in attending, there are a few things you can do in your own community.

Visit College Websites

Take some time to review the college or university’s website to get a feel for what kind of campus they are on what might be featured on a college tour. While there is no substitute to physically walking from building to building on a campus tour, this is a good place to start, especially if the college you are interested in attending is out of state.

Visit Local College Campuses

Take a look at colleges in your hometown and take a practice visit.  While they may not have made your short list, by taking a tour you can learn what you want in a dorm room and the importance of class size.  If they offer a class visit make sure to take advantage of it; you may find that certain programs or professors resonate with you.

Contact College Admission Counselors

Make sure to go back to your short list of schools and reach out to your admissions counselor.  If the university made the list because of the programs offered, ask for the contact information of the department chair.  Some students choose colleges based on their athletics department, and your admissions counselors  can connect you to the coaches as well. College admission counselors are a great resource during your search.
Scheduling College Visits

Once you are ready to start visiting your top schools, there are a few things you can do to get ready. By preparing for your visit ahead of time you will ensure all of your questions are answered in person. It is also important to make the most of your visit; the earlier you set up your visit the more you can do when you go.

College Visit Tips

Make sure you find out if you can:

•  Take a tour of the campus
•  Visit a dorm room
•  Sit in on a class
•  Meet with a faculty member or department chair
•  Speak with the financial aid department
•  Meet with your admission counselor

The University of St. Thomas offers the chance to do all of these things, but some schools may offer different opportunities. Make sure to reach out to the university’s campus visit coordinator to find out what you can do when you come to campus.

Looking to Visit UST? Schedule a or for more general information on visiting our campus, click . We look forward to seeing you!

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AvatarThe University of St. Thomas is the only Catholic, liberal arts university in Houston, Texas. We have 35+ undergraduate majors including STEM, Nursing, Business, Education and Pre-Med. Located in a vibrant urban environment just minutes from downtown and the famed Texas Medical Center, we welcome students of all races and religions to our diverse and collaborative campus.

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