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Is There An Aerotropolis In Your Future?

By Dr. Roger Morefield —   AEROTROPOLIS – THE “FIFTH WAVE” An aerotropolis is a city anchored by an airport. Your first reaction to this may be, “huh?” Like most people, you might see the airport as a place to

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Say Goodbye to “Homo economicus”: The New Science of Behavioral Economics

By Dr. Roger Morefield —   HOMO ECONOMICUS AND PARADIGM SHIFT In his 1962 book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Thomas Kuhn described the process of what he called “paradigm shift,” which is a change in the basic assumptions underlying

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La Paradoja que Es Colombia

Escrito Por Dr. Roger Morefield –- Bienvenidos a la “Nueva Colombia” (Read this post in English) Basado en el Ingreso Nacional Bruto per cápita (INB), Colombia llena los requisitos del Banco Mundial que la catalogan como un país de ingreso

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The Paradox That is Colombia

By Dr. Roger Morefield —- Welcome to the “New Colombia” (Read this post in Spanish) Based on its per-capita Gross National Income (GNI), Colombia meets the World Bank criteria for classification as an upper middle income country. But it still

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