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Economics of Vanity Sizing

By Wan-Ju Iris Franz, PhD—“Size inflation,” also known as “vanity sizing,” is a phenomenon where the measurements of the same label size have been growing over time (The Economist)[1]. For instance, size 14 in Sear’s 1937 catalogue has similar measurements

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How to Succeed in the Cameron School of Business: An Insider’s Scoop

Whether a student is a first generation college student or comes from a long line of college graduates, college can be a new world of experiences and challenges for students.  Many times students aren’t aware of the skills, behaviors, and

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Why are Some Salespeople More Aggressive Than Others?

By Wan-Ju Iris Franz–Whether you are going to a car dealer or a luxury boutique, you are likely to be greeted by a salesperson. However, your experience with the salesperson at each location was probably quite different. In particular, you

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