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How to Succeed in the Cameron School of Business: An Insider’s Scoop

Whether a student is a first generation college student or comes from a long line of college graduates, college can be a new world of experiences and challenges for students.  Many times students aren’t aware of the skills, behaviors, and

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“Free 2 Rock” : A Fresh Look at the Fall of the Iron Curtain

By Dr. David Schein–In January 2016, the World Affairs Council of Houston, (“WACH”), hosted something a little different for that organization. The documentary “Free 2 Rock” runs approximately 60 minutes and focuses on how rock and roll helped to bring

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2014 Election Realities

By Dr. David Schein — A groundswell, also called a “wave” in the media, has swept the Republicans (“GOP”) into control of the US Senate and increased their lead in the US Congress. The implications for the next two years

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Lower the Minimum Wage

Despite the struggling economy, documented by a workforce participation rate of less than 63%, proponents have urged an increase in the Federal minimum wage. This is a bad move at the worst possible time. Even Janet Yellen, Chair of the

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