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Celts Exploring Businesses Tours HMRI Facilities

By Kimberly Dinh—In September 2018, I had the opportunity to tour Houston Texas Methodist Institute through CSB’s Celts Exploring Businesses program. Along with a group of CSB students, I got to meet individuals from highly respected positions in the medical

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An Awe-inspiring Look at Product Research and Development: Baker Hughes

By Brittany Lopez–Situated a on a sprawling campus approximately one hour outside the center of downtown Houston, Baker Hughes’ offers newcomers their ID tags and a bottle of water. The morning is just beginning on what will be a three-hour

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An Insider’s View of Where My iPhone Gets Fixed

By Denily Acosta Izzo— I had the opportunity to participate in the Celts Exploring Business Program with the Cameron School of Business on Sept. 3, visiting Peripheral Computer Support, Inc. and Computer Technology Solutions, LP (PCS-CTS), a computer service and

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