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Business Ethics Forum Luncheon: What is the Main Goal of Business?

By Natalia Sotskaya—–On February 24, 2017,  I had the honor of attending the Business Ethics Forum luncheon and represent the University of St.Thomas. Visiting the Business Ethics Forum luncheon was interesting and useful. I saw that in our “dog- eat-dog” society, there are still a lot of business professionals who care about the welfare of…

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Should Millennials Influence Corporate Practices?

By Seth Romo—When an HR Director of Odessa, a fictional oil and gas company, decides to hire employees after a layoff, she brings in new millennial talent and faces unexpected challenges. Simply: The new millennial employees find the on-call work rotations to demand too much of their time that could be spent elsewhere. This was…

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Business Ethics Forum Luncheon: Hiring Well

By Angie De La Cruz–Every three months a group of peer executives in the Houston area gather together in a Business Ethics Forum to develop and implement philosophical and actionable frameworks for ethical and effective business management. Last Friday, September 16th, I had the fortune to attend the forum on behalf of the UST Cameron…

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