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Communication Opens Doors

By Ernesto Cedeño —As the saying goes, communication is key. Key meaning essential, but it is more than that; it is actually the key, that thing that opens up the door that leads us to knowledge, understanding, wisdom and progress. What happens when you can’t open that door? All you can do is imagine what is on the other side, and imagination is usually worse than the reality, or as my mother would eloquently state, “the mind can be the crazy lady of the house.”


Communication at Work

What happens when we do not keep employees informed? Rumors begin and persist. Employees can wonder what is going on, “are there layoffs coming?” “Salary reductions?”  “Is my boss passing me up for promotion?”  “Do they think I’m a bad performer?” Most likely the lack of information isn’t about anything.  The boss may simply be busy, but by not dedicating that single bit of time each week to keep his employees informed, the boss is allowing misinformation to flourish and fantasy eventually reigns. Here are some tips on how leaders can communicate better in the workplace:


Communication at Home

In our personal life, communication is also essential. What if the person you love does not communicate back to you? Is that person cheating? Does he/she not care about you? Or has he/she given up on you? Imagination runs wild when there is no communication. Often you will hear the advice that communication is the key to marriage, and for a good reason, as all problems in a failed marriage can be traced back to failure to communicate.



Humans, we are complex creatures, and we can let our imagination run wild, but the need for communication holds true for all creatures. While other creatures may not have as developed of language skills as ours, in the animal kingdom the lack of communication can be the difference between life or death.  While our communication may not always be so crucial, it is just as important to a successful personal and work life. After all, without communication you are throwing away the key to all the opportunities the world has to offer.


Ernesto Cedeño

BBA, Marketing (2005), MBA, International Business (2011) – University of St. Thomas

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