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Celts Exploring Businesses Tours HMRI Facilities

By Kimberly Dinh—In September 2018, I had the opportunity to tour Houston Texas Methodist Institute through CSB’s Celts Exploring Businesses program. Along with a group of CSB students, I got to meet individuals from highly respected positions in the medical field and have a sneak peak of HMRI’s operations that aim at improving patient care…

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An Awe-inspiring Look at Product Research and Development: Baker Hughes

By Brittany Lopez–Situated a on a sprawling campus approximately one hour outside the center of downtown Houston, Baker Hughes’ offers newcomers their ID tags and a bottle of water. The morning is just beginning on what will be a three-hour tour of the state of the art facilities. The Cameron School of Business students (along…

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Tools of the Trade: A Day in My Tech Life

By Dr. Jack Follis—Earlier this week Apple announced their latest iPods. As someone who uses their iPod Touch on an almost daily basis, and as a tech geek, I have been waiting for this announcement for the past year. While trying to decide if I should upgrade, I began thinking about the tech products I…

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