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How to Succeed in the Cameron School of Business: An Insider’s Scoop

Whether a student is a first generation college student or comes from a long line of college graduates, college can be a new world of experiences and challenges for students.  Many times students aren’t aware of the skills, behaviors, and

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Spread Spectrum

Spread spectrum is probably today’s most important wireless networking protocol.  As unlikely as it might seem, a 26-year-old Hollywood movie star, a screen siren named Miss Hedy Lamarr, invented spread spectrum.  In 1942 during World War II, she and a

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Semester at Sea students during Emarkation Day on the MV Explorer cruise ship. Photo courtesy of Semester at Sea

A Semester at Sea

Introduction.  I am currently enjoying a Visiting Professor appointment with the University of Virginia, teaching three courses with that university’s Semester at Sea program.  The Institute for Shipboard Education owns a cruise ship and contracts with UVA to provide curriculum

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Big Data

How Much Data is BIG Data?

A Fair Question.  Everyone in business is talking about Big Data, but the term is impenetrably, wonderfully vague in common use.  Certainly, it means dealing with large amounts of data, but businesses have been struggling with processing large amounts of

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