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Cognitive Biases and Rational Behavior

By Dr. Hassan Shirvani—As you might have heard, the 2017 Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to Richard Thaler for his pioneering work in the field of behavioral economics, a school of thought dedicated to the application of psychology to

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How to Succeed in the Cameron School of Business: An Insider’s Scoop

Whether a student is a first generation college student or comes from a long line of college graduates, college can be a new world of experiences and challenges for students.  Many times students aren’t aware of the skills, behaviors, and

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“Free 2 Rock” : A Fresh Look at the Fall of the Iron Curtain

By Dr. David Schein–In January 2016, the World Affairs Council of Houston, (“WACH”), hosted something a little different for that organization. The documentary “Free 2 Rock” runs approximately 60 minutes and focuses on how rock and roll helped to bring

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Urban Agriculture: Revitalizing Local Economies

Urban agriculture is growing in cities around the country, revitalizing neighborhoods, cultures, and even local economies. It’s actually not a new idea: Think of the Victory Gardens during World War I and World War II – home gardens which were

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Cultivating Ethical Business Leaders

Ever since I saw the two movies, The Smartest Guys in the Room and Inside Job, I have been plagued with the question of how business ethics are taught in business schools.  More specifically, what makes the teaching of business

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