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UST must prepare for the long-term uncertainty of a post-COVID world. We must consider how to adapt to serve students’ needs as they enter one of the most competitive, yet opportunity-rich, economies since the Great Depression. Find out what UST’s new Director of Digital Media Initiatives, Dr. Cesare Wright, thinks will happen.

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Smaller is Smarter


When you ask students and faculty what is special about UST, they often mention the ‘spark’. They’re talking about that special something that exists between professor and class that you don’t find at other universities. As college classes across the nation were forced to go online because of the pandemic, UST was able to answer a vital question: Will the spark remain?’

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Catholic to the Core


Dr. Richard Ludwick contributed a June article to Inside the Vatican Magazine that reflects on the pandemic and its human response, which provides both context and metaphor to grasp the challenges ahead for Catholic higher education. He writes, “Throughout each Christian millennium, the Church has innovated and prevailed over much worse. We will answer the call this time too and here’s how Catholic higher education will help lead the way.”

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Celts Show Up for Students in Time of Need


On April 28, more than 350 donors rallied raising more than $205,000 for University of St. Thomas students on Giving Day. This Giving Day surpassed last year’s Giving Day total by more than $100,000. Giving Day is an annual initiative that unites students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and friends in supporting areas throughout the university…

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