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What’s Your Story?

UST President Richard Ludwick Takes to Instagram

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What is Dr. Ludwick doing on Instagram? From attempting trendy dance moves with students to contemplating the role of technology, innovation and the future of higher education, UST’s president is hoping to build community while living his faith out loud.  

Although jumping on Instagram may be a bit of a stretch outside of his normal comfort zone, it’s one that Ludwick was eager to make. “Social media is an important way to spark new conversations, engage with people outside my local sphere, and let people know why I’m Catholic,” Richard Ludwick said. 

His endgame may come across as quite serious, but Ludwick intends to take cues from UST students along the way to keep things fun. “When I first got on Instagram, a few of the students contacted me with some feedback about my posts. It was a little hard to hear, but I’m glad they reached out because it was actually extremely helpful, and now the students are actually helping me make some of my content,” Ludwick said.

What’s next for Dr. Ludwick? Find out by following him at @drrichardludwick.

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