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Rising Stars


The Rising Stars Internship Program is for first-generation or lower-income students and is mutually beneficial for both students and corporate sponsors.

Each student earns a substantial portion of UST’s tuition costs and simultaneously gains relevant work experience.

In return, corporate sponsors receive reliable entry-level workers who are poised for future employment.

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Director of Corporate Relations  |  214-796-2597

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Rising Stars Program Manager  |  281-306-9579

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Diego Aranda
HP Inc.

HP  Inc. is affording Diego Aranda, who wants to be an entrepreneur, a chance to apply his college learning in a real-world setting. Aranda, a freshman who initially pursued a business degree, has dreams of one day becoming a business owner. His interests moved to earning a psychology degree, but his dream is still intact.

Aranda, a first-generation student, is participating in a unique UST education/work experience, the Rising Stars Program, where he interns at HP Inc., garnering valuable experience in the workplace. In addition, the company assists with his tuition, making a private, Catholic education affordable and accessible for little out-of-pocket cost. 

“Paying for college was going to be a problem, so this program is amazing,” he said. “I can go to college without worrying how I’m going to pay for it, so it is less stress for me.”

One of Aranda’s cool HP Inc. experiences was participating in a bot-a-thon.  His team was assigned to code a robot. “I enjoyed the experience, and it was very interesting to me,” he said. “A bot-a-thon is a good way to learn problem-solving and technology.”

With those lessons and more to come, Aranda’s future is bright. He is excited to conduct business in the future with technology at the forefront. “I wouldn’t mind going back to do business with HP as an entrepreneur,” he said.  


PAULINO Bautista
Corva AI

Freshman Paulino Bautista jumped for joy when he learned that his Rising Stars internship was at a company that related to his computer science major. “I couldn’t contain my excitement,” he said.

Bautista was matched up with Corva AI, a company that provides a digital platform for oil and gas drilling and completions. The company provides analytics and data driven insights that empower informed decisions in real time via mobile and web.

The Rising Stars Program at UST pairs students like Bautista with corporate sponsors such as Corva to earn funds toward tuition. This model helps students build personal connections that will influence them beyond college.

Bautista has always wanted to work with technology since middle school. “Programming and coding always caught my attention,” he said. “I see computer science as the future. Technology continues to evolve, and I want to be part of it. I am proud to be born at the start of the 21st century, because I am witnessing how technology is becoming a big part of our everyday lives.”

Bautista feels he will be ready when he graduates from UST because this internship opportunity helps him with future job prospects. “There is a demand for programmers and IT staff,” he said. 

Among his list of top things he has learned is how to be a good employee. “Not only am I getting an education but I’m also growing as a professional,” he said. “The money being provided allows me to truly focus on school. I am extremely grateful and happy to be part of the Rising Stars Program.”  

About the Author — Sandra Soliz, MLA '01 Soliz

AvatarSandra Soliz, director of Communications for University of St. Thomas, has served the University for 20 years in Marketing Communications Department. In her position, she handles media relations and serves as the editor of the Encounter Magazine.

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