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The Shield we Carry

Crest of the University of St. Thomas

Since UST’s earliest days, the crest on the University seal has been a powerful symbol of our community. The imagery emblazoned on the shield tells the story of not only where we came from, but also the future toward which we are headed.

The colors of the University of St. Thomas are red and gold. On the seal, the golden cross of our faith symbolizes the divinity of Christ the King, while the background of red is the humanity of Christ.

“Crescamus in Christo,” is a reminder that as we advance in knowledge and wisdom, we should also grow in love and service of Christ.

Symbols of our namesake, St. Thomas Aquinas

“Lone Star State” and the Mother of Christ under the title “Star of the Sea”

Symbol of St. Basil, patron of the Basilian Fathers

Reminds us of San Jacinto, where Texas won its independence

With a shield like that before us, we can go fearlessly forward, taking on any challenge. According to legend, when ancient warriors met a challenge, they would come together and lock their shields as a bulwark to ensure the group’s strength and integrity. A warrior might lose his spear and would still be integral to the group. A lost shield, however, meant a threat to the whole. The shield was important to the protection of the warrior, but essential to the survival of the community. Our Celt community comes together with our shield to advance society and make a positive and lasting change in this world.

As this university ushers its legacy into a bold and fearless future, the crest reminds us it is our history that will light the way.

About the Author — UST Staff

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