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Dean’s Letter: Out into the Deep to Create Better Leaders


Into the Deep

In the “Divine Comedy,” Dante and Virgil stood on the beaches of Purgatory and saw four exceptionally bright stars. The stars represented the four cardinal virtues—prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance. Most things in the modern world are opposite of the virtues: haste, efficiency, utilitarianism, hedonism, materialism and the desire to succeed at any cost. 

At the Cameron School of Business, we are countercultural and focus on Catholic identity and the virtues as beacons of light, and Cameron is the torch of courage and wisdom. We do not educate to create more efficient workers or satisfied consumers but freer, better, magnanimous leaders and authentically Catholic thinkers. 

Catholic identity in the workplace

Duc in Altum—put out into the deep—is a rallying cry that urges students to rely on the virtues and move courageously into the workforce while infusing it with our Catholic identity. This magazine explores stories of business success, yes, but also courage, prudence, wisdom, intuition, tenacity and resilience

Let us aspire to be virtuous men and women and use humility as our guide. 

God bless,

Dr. Mario Enzler
Cameron School of Business

About the Author — Dr. Mario Enzler

AvatarDr. Mario Enzler, former Musician, former Swiss Guard, former Swiss Banker. He wanted to introduce authentic gelato in New England instead he and his wife founded a classical-curriculum Academy in New Hampshire after moving there and not finding adequate educational options for their five children. Now, he not only works and teaches at the Cameron School of Business, he can also be found speaking at conferences all over the world where he shares about the role Pope St. John Paul II had in helping him become a better man, executive, and leader. He is the author of “I served a Saint”.

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