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Robert Blue and Paul Bautista at Corva AI for Rising Stars Program getting hands-on career experience

Every person employed at Corva AI is dubbed a “Corvanaut.” It makes sense. The proud oil and gas tech startup has rocketed to command 35 percent of the U.S. market share since 2017 when the company launched its first official product—a software application for data analyzation in drilling and completion spaces. Today, with global standing and an app store providing more than 100 applications to take the guesswork out of client data, Corva’s mission is to accelerate the future of the oil and gas industry.

The client-centered company keeps its sights set on innovating additional software solutions for clients and continuing to gain market share. At the same time, Corva recognizes its desire and duty to give back. A company board member recommended partnering with the Rising Stars Internship Program at University of St. Thomas-Houston. The rest is history in the making.

Corva AI and Rising Stars make good partners

Corva AI COO Courtney Diezi said, “Corva is passionate about developing talent and providing opportunities for people to learn and grow. In partnership with the UST Rising Stars Program, we have been able to do just that by bringing in student Paul Bautista at the intern level where he is quickly becoming an asset to our team.”

How Rising Stars appeals to sponsoring companies

Rising Stars places first-generation college students and lower-income students with corporate sponsors where they gain relevant, hands-on career experience. They also begin to form professional relationships. Along with these obvious benefits, participating students earn funds to cover a significant portion of their UST tuition. As for corporate sponsors like Corva, they reap their own rewards.

Robert Blue, Corva’s drilling data lead, said, “We get to participate in strengthening and shaping the next-generation workforce and its leaders.” 

Blue is in a prime position to know about the UST-Corva partnership’s workings and success. Once the alliance was established, freshman computer science student Paulino “Paul” Bautista became an intern supervised by Blue. 

Like a work-study program to shape next-generation workforce

“It’s almost like a work-study program where the students are matched with the industries that most interest them for first-time, hands-on experience,” Blue explained. “I got Paul to program proprietary hardware for aggregating completions data in the field. He got to see code in action and could recognize it from his studies. We watched and supervised, but he was programming the boxes himself.”

Bautista could not say enough about the value of the Corva-UST partnership.

So many benefits for participating students

“To have a career in IT is my goal, and Corva is giving me real-world experience in IT. The Rising Stars Program sets me on the path to success and increases my chances of getting a job when I graduate. Just as important, the program helps students like me not to be a financial burden to our families.”

To other potential corporate sponsors, Blue advised, “I would encourage any interested corporations to get on board with Rising Stars. It’s one thing to have an intern, but with Rising Stars you have a specialized, focused person from the next generation who can learn on the job, then take the learning back to classes and classmates. You could be part of influencing a squad of well-trained and well-educated people for the next generation to make your industry stronger.” 

Corva is instilling Corvanaut practices and values, emphasizing ethics and trust, and benefiting the industry and the community as a whole.

About the Author — Jamie Roark

AvatarJamie Roark is an experienced, Houston-based content creator & communications skills coach. Through her company, Simply Communicate USA, she especially enjoys helping Higher Education and healthcare organizations to tell stories that inform and influence.

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