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Buoyed by our Board of Visitors



Bishop Steven Lopes
Bishop Steven Lopes

It is a poignant moment in the Gospel. 

Peter and his fellow fishermen had been toiling fruitlessly through the night. At dawn, with nothing to show for their work, they drew near the shore where they encountered the Lord Jesus. He commanded them: Cast out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch (Luke 5:4). The resulting haul of fish was so great that the nets nearly broke. It was at that moment Peter resolved to abandon his nets and follow Christ. 

Put out into the deepDuc in Altum. The command of the Lord to the first disciples is lived even today among the faculty, staff and students of the Cameron School of Business. Professors navigate the deep waters of their students’ lives, committed to not just imparting some information, but to informing students for life-long flourishing and success. And that success is measured not just in worldly terms, but as God sees it: In the pursuit of truth, justice and authentic Christian charity.

The fact that the University of St. Thomas and the Cameron School of Business participate in the same mission Christ gave his first disciples is a tremendous enrichment for our students. The miracle of the fish is a sign of the Lord’s power to bless and his promise to guide and prosper the work undertaken in his name. And certainly, the long experience of our many alumni demonstrates that it is not only possible to be both effective and ethical in business, but also that business undertaken in view of the eternal values of God’s Kingdom can be a tremendous witness and influence in civil society. Indeed, it can produce a miraculous catch of its own.   

The Board of Visitors consists of up to 25 members who are responsible for working with the Dean Mario Enzler to facilitate structures, advice and resources to advance the mission of the Cameron School of Business. Members of the Board are appointed by the dean and serve three-year terms, with a limit of nine years of consecutive service. 

The Board consists of members able to assist the dean through: 

  • Strategic planning and advice on refinement and attainment of the school’s goals 
  • Serve as a resource for curriculum review 
  • Engagement with students by presenting lectures, visiting courses and serving as judges in competitions 
  • Engagement with faculty in formulating their research agenda 
  • Enlistment of experts to present on important topics 
  • Promotion of the school, its dean and faculty to parents, alumni, friends of the University and beyond
  • Facilitation with other individuals, agencies and corporations for student support, including scholarships, internships, mentoring and career opportunities

Chuck Piola, CEO of NCO Financial System; Cameron School of Business Board of Visitors

Chuck Piola

Former CEO, NCO Financial System

Cameron School of Business

Board of Visitors

“The vision for the Cameron School of Business that Mario Enzler laid out is getting an overwhelmingly positive response.  

There is a clear longing among business leaders for an intellectual response to the

decade-long attacks on the moral underpinnings of our free market system as well as for putting the person back at the center of economic life.  

Our challenge now is to take this vision and make it a reality.  

I thank Dr. Enzler for the opportunity he gave me to share my experience and to contribute to shaping the future of business while providing essential leadership and guidance toward that end.”

JT Townsend, COO of Windjammer Capital; Cameron School of Business Board of Visitors

J.T. Townsend

COO, Windjammer Capital

Cameron School of Business

Board of Visitors

“In a world where increased specialization separates people from a true view of the human person, business leaders need education that deepens their understanding of the whole human person and his or her inherent dignity. We certainly need deep expertise according to our particular duty, but never at the expense of the humanity that we serve. 

This is what it means to be educated as a business leader in the Catholic way and how I know Dean Enzler is guiding the Cameron School of Business. This is why I chose to join his Board of Visitors supporting him in any possible way.”

Mike Farrell, CEO of ResMed; Cameron School of Business Board of Visitors

Mike Farrell

CEO, ResMed 

Cameron School of Business

Board of Visitors

“The Cameron School of Business provides a comprehensive, high-quality, ethically oriented business education to a diverse student body, enabling graduates to serve as leaders of character and faith in a global economy. Our goal is to make sure graduates think critically, communicate effectively, succeed professionally and always lead with a firm foundation of honesty, integrity and ethics.”

Matt Birk, NFL Commissioner of Sports; Cameron School of Business Board of Visitors

Matt Birk

NFL Commissioner of Sports

Cameron School of Business

Board of Visitors

“I believe in authentic Catholic business education, because it produces leaders who respect the whole person and contribute to society through their professional skills acquired at the Cameron School of Business.”

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