President’s Message

August 29, 2017

Dear UST Community,

Our hearts and prayers are with all in this storm. We have closed the University until next Tuesday so that focus can be on the safety and care for families and friends during this time of suffering and grace. Even now, the despair of fear and flood is being overwhelmed by the love of neighbor and hope.

Many of our own UST family have been impacted right beside thousands of our neighbors. We stand strongly with all Houstonians and will find ways to assist them as a Celt community and in conjunction with relief agencies such as Catholic Charities and the Red Cross.

Our students on campus are safe and the community is strong. Prior to Harvey’s landfall, we had asked most of our students to shelter with their families at home, if possible and safe. Our residence life staff continues to serve our students with distinction. Coursework will be made up in varied ways, including more use of online resources, additional days or extended class times. As always, UST faculty will engage students with an appreciation for each student’s needs and with appropriate flexibility.

Our beautiful campus remains so at this writing. Some water has intruded into several buildings, but we are handling those situations. Neighbors have parked their cars in the parking structure to keep them elevated from street flooding. Our maintenance crew and police force continue to serve us well during this storm.

All Celts, wherever we are can be justly proud of our people, their courage and their faith during this storm and its aftermath. We will keep each other in prayer and we will arise. Ours is a community of Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge. Each of those values will help guide our responses as we take a leadership role to rebuild Houston. “Crescamus in Christo!”

In unity and peace,

Richard L. Ludwick