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Best Business Jobs in Texas for Graduates

10 of the Best Business Jobs for College Graduates in Texas

High-ranking executives sometimes make headlines for behaving immorally. While critics might think that’s just par for the course for anyone at an organization’s helm, you know that many business professionals hold themselves to a higher standard. You certainly plan to be an ethical leader who makes positive contributions to both the larger economy and your own community in Texas. But you have yet to determine exactly which career path you plan to follow.

Thinking about which business concentrations interest you can help you make some decisions. Practically speaking, you recognize it’s also important to pursue a field that can help you secure employment soon after graduating from college. In terms of opportunity, what are the best business jobs in Texas for candidates with a bachelor’s degree?

Believe it or not, there’s a fair amount of variety among high-demand business roles in Texas. Start exploring your options.

10 of the best business jobs in Texas for recent grads

Using real-time job analysis software, we evaluated more than 185,000 job postings from Texas employers seeking candidates with a bachelor’s degree in a business concentration in 2019.* These were among the most abundant roles:

1. Accountant

These business professionals examine financial statements, prepare tax returns and other relevant documents, ensure quality standards are met and suggest ways to improve profits. Accounting is a broader field than you might expect, too. Careers are available in a range of specialties, including forensic accounting, auditing, tax accounting and more.

You’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting to pursue this occupation. While becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) isn’t always required, this credential is considered the gold standard in the field and often opens up job opportunities. That said, open accountant positions are already quite abundant in Texas. Accountants in Texas earned a median annual salary of $72,860 in 2018.

2. Financial analyst

Financial analysts offer guidance to individuals and organizations regarding investment decisions. They make portfolio recommendations, examine current and historical financial data, study economic trends and prepare written reports. Financial analysts work for banks, securities firms, insurance companies and other types of businesses.

To become a financial analyst, you must have a bachelor’s degree. While majoring in finance is probably the most common route to this role, you could also choose to study a related field like accounting or economics. In 2018, financial analysts in Texas earned a median annual salary of $81,850.

3. Business analyst

These business professionals work to identify and propose ways for organizations to improve their operations and processes. Business analysts may gather information related to the problem they’re trying to solve, interview personnel, conduct onsite observations, analyze financial data and make recommendations to management. While most professionals in this role work as consultants, some are employed by the organization they analyze.

While you’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree to become a business analyst, you have some flexibility in what you choose to study. It’s not uncommon for these professionals to have a background in everything from business administration to marketing. Texas-based business analysts earned a median annual salary of $85,770  in 2018.

4. Account manager

Account managers skirt the line between sales and customer service. They play a critical role in managing client relationships, establishing budgets and ensuring their organization meets expectations. Good account managers are able to build upon existing contracts to gain even more business.

While there’s no specific concentration you need to study in pursuit of this role, you should plan on earning a bachelor’s degree. Common majors include business administration, marketing and advertising. Account managers in Texas earned a median annual salary of $91,750  in 2018.

5. Marketing manager

These business professionals help lead the marketing department at an organization. Their responsibilities include estimating demand for products or services, identifying new markets and working to ensure customers are satisfied. Marketing managers also train new hires and collaborate with other departments.

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in marketing is a common choice for those with their sights set on become a marketing manager. While you could still pursue this role by studying something like advertising, instead, you will need a bachelor’s degree. Marketing managers in Texas earned a median annual salary of $135,470  in 2018. That said, it’s important to note the bottom 10th percentile earned $74,470.

6. Sales manager

If you thrive under pressure and can motivate a team, you may want to consider becoming a sales manager. These professionals help the sales department at their organization meet goals. Typical duties include preparing budgets, monitoring customer preferences, assigning territories and setting quotas, creating sales projections and determining discount rates when appropriate.

Sales managers typically have at least a bachelor’s degree as well as a few years of sales experience under their belts. The specific degree you obtain is up to you, but you should complete coursework in business basics like finance, marketing, accounting and management. The median annual salary for sales managers in 2018 was $128,820.

7. Sales representative

Sales manager roles might be more abundant in Texas, but those supervisors all need to gain experience in the field before they can advance. Many of them begin their careers as sales representatives, professionals who identify customers and connect them to relevant products or services, negotiate prices and prepare sales contracts. While retail positions do fall under this umbrella, many sales reps also work for wholesalers and manufacturers.

Educational requirements for this line of work can vary considerably. That said, employees who sell scientific or technical products almost always need a bachelor’s degree. In Texas, the median annual salary for wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives who cover technical and scientific products was $92,610 in 2018. Just bear in mind the salary range is quite extensive – Texas sales representatives in the bottom 10th percentile earned $41,510 in 2018.

8. Controller

A type of financial manager, controllers oversee preparation of an organization’s financial statements. This includes balance sheets, income statements and future earnings analyses. They also prepare special reports as requested by regulatory agencies. Additionally, controllers manage the accounting, audit and budget departments.

To become a controller, you must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. These financial managers also have substantial experience working in accounting or financial analysis. Some choose to further stand out by obtaining professional credentials like the CPA designation. Controllers in Texas earned a median annual salary of $129,320 in 2018.

9. Data analyst

Surprised to see this role on a business list? Believe it or not, a background in either finance or economics can be a great pathway into data analytics. This profession, which is in high demand in Texas, involves collecting and analyzing data to glean meaningful insights that can help inform business decisions. Data analysts research third-party information, but they may also need to conduct surveys to learn about their customers’ preferences and behaviors.

Some data analysts have a master’s degree, but it’s not required. Some companies may prefer demonstrated expertise to an advanced degree. That said, you will need a bachelor’s degree to pursue this field. Data analysts, which are a subset of a broad occupation group, based in Texas earned a median annual salary of $88,460 in 2018.

10. Human resources manager

Human resources (HR) managers play a huge role in helping their organizations succeed. They’re responsible for attracting and retaining talented employees. HR managers plan and implement benefits plans, oversee the recruiting and hiring processes and even serve as advisors for managers facing issues like equal employment opportunity.

A bachelor’s degree is typically sufficient for becoming an HR manager, but some employers prefer candidates with a master’s degree. Common majors include human resources and other business concentrations. You should also expect to work as a human resources specialist for a few years before advancing to this managerial role. HR managers in Texas earned a median annual salary of $117,330 in 2018.

Find your ideal business job in Texas

From accounting to human resources management, business positions seeking qualified candidates are abundant in Texas. But the best business jobs for you are ones that both focus on an area you’re passionate about and provide plenty of employment opportunities.

If you’re interested in careers like the ones above, it might be time to start thinking about obtaining a bachelor’s degree. Schools like the University of St. Thomas (UST) allow students to choose from a range of majors while still ensuring they receive the fundamental education they need to be successful, ethical professionals. Learn more about how you can start working toward a career you love by visiting UST’s Cameron School of Business page.

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