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International Business Degree Jobs: 4 Career Paths to Consider

If you’re business-minded and have an affinity for learning about other cultures, a degree in international business could be just what you need to incorporate it all into one career path. The world is more connected than ever before and a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in International Business can help open many exciting doors.

The University of St. Thomas – Houston (UST) offers a BBA in International Business through a joint partnership between the Cameron School of Business and the Center for International Studies, the longest-running center of its kind in Houston.

To give you an idea of how a degree like this could impact your career prospects, we put together a list of potential international business degree jobs. But first, let’s take a closer look at the program.

What do you learn in an international business degree?

As a UST student, you’ll be well-situated to gain hands-on experience. Houston is a hub for global commerce and our campus is in the heart of the city. We pride ourselves on giving each student personal attention while providing networking opportunities with industry leaders.

In an undergraduate international business program, you will:

  • Apply business fundamentals and concepts to international markets
  • Grow your cultural awareness, understanding and sensitivity
  • Learn about financial, legal, economic and political structures in different countries
  • Develop strong problem solving and critical thinking abilities

The BBA in International Business program at UST offers a dynamic range of classes, including the following:

  • Intro to Financial and Managerial Accounting
  • Macro-, Micro- and International Economics
  • Business Law
  • Development Studies
  • International Politics
  • Intercultural Issues
  • Regional study – Europe, Latin America, East Asia, North Africa and the Middle East

For those who have already earned a bachelor’s, UST also offers a Master’s in International Business (MIB). This advanced degree path expands upon the topics covered in the undergraduate program, equipping students to develop the management, leadership and human resources skills needed to run international teams.

At the graduate level, you can expect some of the following courses:

  • Marketing Management
  • Applied Strategic Management
  • Global Human Resources
  • Cross-cultural Negotiations
  • Global Energy
  • Ethical and Legal Issues in International Business

4 International Business Jobs to Consider

When it comes to career options, the world is your oyster with an international business degree. Graduates from these programs are employed across several different types of organizations, particularly those that ship or receive products and materials internationally. Join us as we explore just four of the options below.

1.    International sales specialist

International sales representatives are responsible for selling and launching new products in markets across the world. They often specialize in a specific industry or category of goods.

Like any salesperson, these specialists need to understand the technical details of their products and services inside and out. But because they work in international markets, they must also be knowledgeable of other cultures, customs and regulations, which can vary from country to country

Relationship-building is an essential component of all sales positions. International sales specialists must have strong intercultural communication skills in order to connect with and meet the needs of their clients.

As you might expect, these professionals travel often as they work with the enterprises that manufacture or sell their goods and services. They also perform extensive research to identify potential new markets and buyers.  

2.    Global marketing specialist

If you like the idea of working on a team of professionals from many departments to promote and/or sell a brand, product or service in countries around the world, you might thrive as a global marketing specialist. Daily job duties will vary, but these professionals typically perform competition research, develop awareness and sales strategies, and manage digital marketing and social media campaigns.

Tailoring advertising and marketing materials for consumers and buyers in other countries requires deep cultural knowledge, sharp critical thinking abilities and data analytics skills. Proficiency in one – or several – language(s) other than English is a highly desired skill for global marketing specialist roles. Some organizations will also seek candidates with knowledge in the areas of international markets, foreign cultures and international business operations.

3.    Foreign exchange trader

Foreign exchange traders are responsible for buying and selling foreign currencies in the worldwide commodity markets. They may also recommend competitive exchange rates. Also referred to as “forex” traders, these professionals communicate regularly with company stakeholders and clients about market changes, advising them about important trends and fluctuations.

Qualified forex traders should have exceptional record-keeping and analytical skills, and they must comply with international regulations to be successful at their jobs. Due to the nature of the job, they should also be able to work independently and stay calm in high-stakes and stressful situations.

Some foreign exchange traders are self-employed, while many others work for international banks, brokerage firms, investors, management firms and hedge funds.

4.    International supply chain manager

The global supply chain is complicated, but it’s also essential to modern life. These days, a product can be produced in one country, packaged in another and then sold around the world. Supply chain managers are responsible for overseeing the logistics strategy and operations for these large-scale projects and products.

International supply chain managers do everything from sourcing materials, negotiating contracts and coordinating with vendors to analyzing inventory and reviewing budgets. This leadership role requires strong management and communication skills, in addition to a robust knowledge of client services and relationship building.

Many manager positions in the supply chain require years of professional experience and an advanced degree. An MBA with an International Business concentration could be an excellent next step for professionals on this career path.

Go beyond borders with an international business degree

There has never been a better time to earn a degree in international business. With a wealth of career options across many industries and countries, you’ll encounter a range of job opportunities that are both challenging and rewarding.

Whether you’d like to contribute to the success of an established company or help a promising startup grow, you can gain a world of knowledge by studying international business at UST.

Ready to take the next step?

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