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University of St. Thomas students hanging out in the Old Bookstore

3 reasons College Students Should Live On Campus

Is living on campus really worth the additional cost? The answer is yes! Here are 3 reasons why you should live on campus.

University of St. Thomas students hanging out in the Guinan Residence Hall Lobby in Houston Texas

5 Ways to Have a Successful College Experience

First of all, college life is all about gaining knowledge, in and out of the classroom. Your college experience is one of the most valuable opportunities you will ever have to discover the true you by sharpening your social and

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5 Things to Examine in Your Financial Aid Award Letter

Financial aid award letters will soon be sent to high school students who completed the early FAFSA in the fall. A financial aid award letter will have all the funds you can expect to receive for the upcoming fall and

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UST student melanie Solomon writing in her journal

Make Your College Admissions Essay Stand Out

The college admissions essay shouldn’t be viewed as an obstacle to gaining acceptance to the university of your choice. It’s actually a great opportunity for you to stand out, and you have complete control over how you present yourself. Your

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6 High School Transcript Submission Tips

When applying to most colleges, your need to submit 3 things: your application, transcript and test scores. Some schools will require an essay, and/or letters of recommendation, but almost all will want your transcripts. This seems like a simple request,

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